Dr. Mercola’s Skin Care Buzz Words

Hello readers, if you haven’t already been introduced to Dr. Joseph Mercola and his relentless persuit of health, this excerpt is a great example of why he is one of our favorites!

He is a little crunchy and sometimes I wonder if he’s not a little guilty of the partaking in the alarmist media style. But his heart is not only super healthy-but in the right place. Here is his take on why we should be wary of toxins in our skincare lotions and potions.

First of all the cosmetics industry is a $50 billion a year business (in the US alone) that spends $2 billion a year on advertising. Even more appalling than that is the amount of chemicals you place on your skin every year. Women who use makeup daily absorb, on average, 5 pounds each year. How do they get away with selling potentially toxic chemicals?  Loopholes – and here are some of their biggies:

“For Professional Use Only” — This phrase allows cosmetic companies to remove harmful chemicals from their labels.

“Hypoallergenic” — No actual testing is necessary to claim that a product is “hypoallergenic”, “allergy-free” or “safe for sensitive skin”. Neither the FDA nor any other regulating body even requires the companies to prove these claims.

Harmful Chemicals — Unless they are intentionally placed in the product, harmful chemicals are not required to be listed. It’s no shocker that you never see these.



  1. Good information. Everybody should exercise a bit of caution and some degree of thought when choosing skin care products.

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