Resume 101

Sloan Klein has sifted through hundreds of resumes in her recruiting days, these days she coaches her clients on how to write theirs. Or for a fee she will write it for them. Save the money and do it yourself by following these simple steps.

1. Resume should be thought of as summary marketing document used to open the door and get you an interview.  It should not be more than one page.
2. Language and format should be clear and concise.
3. Avoid paragraphs, use simple bullet statements instead.
4. Each bullet point should start with a verb that describes a skill of yours.
5. Don’t be redundant with the verbs.  When writing the resume, make a comprehensive list of the verbs that describe your skill set and then use them to write your bullets.
6. Check and recheck for typos!!!
7. Don’t include an objective unless you are really focused on one kind of role.  You don’t want to limit yourself from opportunities.
8. Be sure to include an “Other” section that lists significant hobbies, sports or other passions. This is a great place for hiring managers to start interview conversations.
9. If you are just starting out in your career it is OK to list significant volunteer experience if it supports experience in the field you want to enter.
10. Do not try to differentiate yourself by using funky fonts, colors or paper.  The key is to be professional!!


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