Get an Internship

According to a new survey by the Wall Street Journal more internships are leading to full-time jobs. College recruiters said more than 50 percent of their new-graduate hires had been interns at their companies. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reported similar findings: nearly 57 percent of students from the class of 2009 got promoted from interns to full-time employees (think – salary), up from 50 percent in 2008.



  1. And, if the internship itself doesn’t morph into a paid job, it still could lead to one. I turned down a dreary corporate job, right after college, in favor of a more interesting internship at a large radio station.

    That didn’t turn into a job but it did parlay itself into a paying job at a local television station and, from there, an invitation to join a network cable station.

    On the other hand, a weekend reporting internship at a television station while I was working during the week at my cable job didn’t turn into anything.

    I remember commuting home by ferry one evening (during my radio internship) when a fellow passenger advised that it would be okay to take a receptionist’s job (not the position I was dreaming of) I was considering.

    Her reasoning, she said, is that no matter where you are – you cold be under a basket – but if your light burned brightly, you’ll get noticed.

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