WORD! Ajumble

Pierre Metivier

OK – ladies we’re starting a new Word of the Day feature.  We know -it’s not original, but we love learning new words and want to pass on the joy of verbosity.

Ajumble popped off the page, last night as I was reading an article in the New Yorker written by Hendrick Hertzberg on the controversial Mosque near Ground Zero.

Ah, the “Ground Zero mosque.” Well, for a start, it won’t be at Ground Zero. It’ll be on Park Place, two blocks north of the World Trade Center site (from which it will not be visible), in a neighborhood ajumble with restaurants, shops (electronics, porn, you name it), churches, office cubes, and the rest of the New York mishmash. Park51, as it is to be called, will have a large Islamic “prayer room,” which presumably qualifies as a mosque. 

Thanks Hendrick for sharing such a fun word. OK so it’s not officially in the dictionary -but shoots it was in the New Yorker so we’ll use it anyway!


  1. “OK so it’s not officially in the dictionary…”

    Neither is refudiate but we sort of like that one, too 🙂

    Do you think the writer is blending “akimbo” and jumbled?

    Love this idea, by the way.. Here’s my new favorite: Brobdingnag!

  2. Ha – Love Brobdingnag! What does it mean?

  3. ooh that may have to be tomorrow’s word!

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