WORD! Inconceivable

Pierre Metivier

Browsing through wordpress.com’s fine array of blogs -we loved Filling My Patch of Sky’s Which Word Wednesday feature. The author, a faith-based writer, muses on her love of the movie the Princess Bride and the difference between the words inconceivable and unthinkable.

Here’s her intro:

One of the many aspects of this film that I so enjoy is the play on language. It’s filled with banter and even a few witty puns (that surprisingly don’t annoy me).

Throughout the movie, the villainous character Vizzini finds his well-laid plans thwarted again and again. To these upsets, his constant reply is, “Inconceivable!” After about the fifth “Inconceivable!” one of his good-hearted hired men, Inigo Montoya (played fabulously by Mandy Patinka), says, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Here’s the clip for your amusement:

Here’s the whole article. and it’s worth a read.

OK and then just to clarify. While these dictionary.com definitions below can even be more confusing -this is how we see it. Inconceivable: is used to reference something so incredible that it is unbelievable. Unthinkable, on the other hand, is to reference something that shouldn’t even be considered and is out of the question (not necessarily incredible). Have fun thinking about this one!




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