Eat Less, Make More Money

The truth might be crazier than fiction. We stumbled on this new research and couldn’t resist posting it—seems sexism is alive and well in the American paycheck.

According to a study your waistline has a lot to do with your bottom line. The research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology shows thin women tend to make more money than average or overweight women–however, the same can’t be said for men, who actually made more money the bigger they got.

The average American woman is 164 pounds and makes $40,000 per year.

The study found when a woman was 134 pounds she made about $10,719 more in annual salary than the average woman.

When a woman was 194 pounds she made $9,873 less than average.

However, larger men made more money (almost $8,000 more) than their thinner colleagues–but there is a caveat–once a man is considered obese his salary drops.

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