Love Better Than Advil?

The image above is an MRI scan from Mackey's study shown on Stanford University's Scopeblog

Finally something positive to do with all those ‘loving feelings.’  As you might have heard in the news, a recent study just came out of Stanford University touting the pain reducing effects induced by being in that early stage of love. Basically they found that the subjects did not feel as much physical pain in a controlled test if they were looking at a photo of their beloved. And, by the way this is only for couples in the early stage of romance.

Not in a ‘new’ or any relationship? Not a problem, here’s the good part. It seems that to get the euphoric- pain-blocking-sensation, you don’t have to be in love with a person; your objet du désir can be a fab lamp for your apartment, a stately Oak tree or even a pair of shoes-something that gives you joy. Dr. Sean Mackey the main researcher on the project was quoted as saying. “Try to find pleasure in the things that you do, whether it be being with the one you love or listening to wonderful music.”

Now if anyone figures out how to cure the pain of a broken heart…do tell.


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