WORD! Withdrawal

Pierre Metivier

I just got a nice email from a reader telling me she was having WORD! “withdrawl.”  I was so happy to know that someone out there enjoyed our WORD!s and was equally as thrilled to take the moment to create a new one. Here’s the deal ladies, withdrawl isn’t a word. This is such an easy mistake -and most of us will live a complete life without digesting this peculiar spelling tidbit, but here it is: the word withdrawal has two “a’s” and three syllables.

In case anyone else had the same notion that this word had two syllables and one “a” here is the dictionary.com definition.

Here’s where most of us get confused: As you can see the word withdraw can morph into withdrew, withdrawn and withdrawing…but not withdrawl.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Well, in her defense, maybe she’s a fabulous Southern M.I.S.S. and really meant that she was experiencing W.O.D. with “drawl”…completely understandable in my book 🙂

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