Can You Be a Millionaire in a Few Short Years?

It’s hard to believe you could be making more money—a lot more money—but Millionaire by Thirty’s Emron Andrew started his career making just $30,000 in salary. Only a few short year’s later he’s making seven-figures. Here are three of his tips for having more money:

1. Take a look at what you’re spending. The book recommends taking 80 percent of your after tax pay for three months and divide it into groups marked long-term savings, short-term savings, clothing, rent, cable, food, etcetera. You’ll see exactly where you’re spending your money and what items you might want to do without (is HBO that important?).

2. Save 20 percent of every dollar you make and either invest it or stick it in your savings.

3. Student loans should be the last thing you worry about paying off — they usually have the lowest interest rates. Instead making minimum monthly payments on this debt and pay off high credit card debt first.


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