Cocktail Chatter: SMS Messaging–Don’t Leave ’em Hanging

Hello… did you get my last message?  Do you hate me? Did you just die?  These are the thoughts that might be going through your head when you are in the situation discussed in this fun blog post; 8 Interpretations of Silence when using Instant Messaging, written by The Couch Manager.

Here’s a simple response when you can’t text right back.. and can’t type “busy” or “away” or even just “eh…thinking”

brb = be right back

Whatever you do…respond!

What do you type when you need a minute or day to come up with a response?



  1. “Thinking” works for me…but it’s a little long. THNKG? Nope, takes too long to get all those consonants in the right order.

    “Got it” works well for me on emails I’m expecting but even then I’m the worst offender…but only because my intention is to write a complete response and then, before I know, a million more emails come it and bury the first one.

    I admire those people who have a 24-hour rule – you know, the ones who commit themselves to responding immediately by announcing they’ll return your call within 24-hours..pronto! – but I know I couldn’t do that. Sometimes, you don’t have an immediate answer and a call/or email to say that seems like an extra step…esp. when you’ll be calling them soon anyway 🙂

    How about “lets talk” or “talk soon” or “mor latr” or, like they do on walkies: “copy that”

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