Dr. Oz Gives Tips to Relieve Financial Stress

Feeling anxious over your last credit card statement? Losing sleep over your mortgage? You aren’t alone. In a recent study by the Associated Press, 39 percent of people with debt suffer from insomnia, as compared to 17 percent of people not in debt. The study also found that 23 percent of people with high debt stress experience severe depression as a result of it. And stress isn’t good for your health: about twice as many people with high financial stress suffer from heart attacks than those with low stress.

To help beat the money blues we turned to Dr. Oz. The cardiothoracic surgeon is best known for appearing on the Oprah show, Larry King Live and his own daily television show, The Dr. Oz Show. The Doc’s tips can be found on RealAge.com.

Eat a banana. “Eating a banana every day facilitates both the cross talk among your brain cells and the effect of certain neurotransmitters (such as serotonin and its precursors) that can make you feel better. These two effects may mean that eating a banana a day helps keep the therapist away by preventing minor depression.”

Exercise. Working out has shown to be more effective than many antidepressants in reducing major depression. “Part of it may be because exercise boosts feel-good chemicals, and another part likely comes from the sense of purpose and accomplishment that regular exercise brings.”

Write at bedtime. “Write in a gratitude journal daily. While you’re at it, put some music on in the background. Music can improve moderately depressed moods; one study also showed that it improved heart rate and blood pressure.”


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