Cocktail Chatter: Four Fun Conversation Starters

Susan Sermoneta

OK, these were news headlines from May 2011, but we thought they were worth keeping as they are still cocktail chatter worthy!

1. The world’s top philanthropist is Bill Gates. A recent Forbes report lists the Microsoft co-founder’s donations to hover around $28 million.

2. The IRS has posted 35 agents full-time to ExxonMobil headquarters, where they conduct nonstop audits of the company’s tax accounting. Why? In 2009, Exxon paid no income taxes on profits of over $19 billion. The company actually received a $156 million credit.

3. A Canadian couple is keeping their newborn child’s gender a secret. The couple hopes to make the world a, “more progressive place.” The couple says their child Storm will decide to share his or her gender only when, “Storm decides.”

4. For the first time in Venezuelan history a driver has had his licensed suspended. The country rarely punishes speeding and drunk driving but police couldn’t turn an eye to a driver who was speeding, carrying a bus with too many passengers and was missing one of its rear wheels.



  1. #5 is sooo funny.

    Here’s a bonus point for your list: Bill Gates may be the world’s top philanthropist but he only rates a platinum McDonald’s card; Warren Buffet has a gold one entitling him to eat free anytime.

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