Cocktail Chatter: Hangover Myths Revealed

Susan Sermoneta

After a long week in the land of cubicles you’re probably ready for a glass of wine or happy hour with friends…but we couldn’t resist passing along this list of the four biggest hangover myths for our Friday Cocktail Chatter series.

Kirti Poddar

1. Myth: Wine is the best choice. Red wine actually contains tannins, a compound that is known to jumpstart a headache in some people. According to the folks at WebMD the gentlest choices are beer and clear liquors like vodka and gin.

2. Myth: Stick with diet cocktails. Studies have shown the best choice for a drink mixer is actually fruit juice because the sugar tends to decrease the hangover intensity.

3. Myth: Eat a meal before you go to bed. Once again, WebMD crushed this myth. The site says the only help to your hangover is if you eat before you start drinking. Fat can help slow down the absorption of alcohol — so stick with a slice of pizza or a burger before cocktails.

4. Myth: Turn to coffee. Caffeine can actually make your hangover worse because it leads to more dehydration. Instead, drink water and sports drinks to counter act it.

Even with the hangover mystery solved there’s still a real nutrition downer:  The standard 1.5 ounce serving of 80-proof alcohol has 96 calories even before you add any mixers. Wine drinker? White wine has about 158 calories a glass, red wine 170 calories and sweet dessert wine a whopping 362 calories.

Want all 12 myths? Read the full article here.

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