Four Safe Beauty Products

In light of a recent post highlighting cancer risks of everyday moisturizers (when exposed to sunlight) by Dr. Mercola, a Chicago-based osteopath and prolific alternative health blogger – we wanted to point to a few safe (and fabulous) products that are on our shelves at home.

The study found that high-risk, UVB-pretreated mice were 69% more likely to develop basal and squamous cell skin cancer when using Dermabase, Dermovan, Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream, or Vanicream for 17 weeks. Two ingredients the researchers isolated were lauryl sulfate, an irritant and foaming agent, and mineral oil, a derivative of petroleum, and according to Mercola, a “known carcinogen.”

To be clear the mice were pretreated to be susceptible to tumors, and we’re talking mice not (wo)men -but still with so many great all-natural products emerging -why not make your daily moisturizers completely safe. And save the mineral oil exposure for that once-in-awhile pedicure when you opt for hot paraffin wax.

Here are a few products that we like:

A new product that we like is John Master’s Argon Oil. Argon oil is rich in potent antioxidants and tocepherols including vitamin E. It is harvested and produced by hand in Morocco with proceeds from purchases going back to  provide health care and education for the entire community.

We first heard about argon oil when Kahina Giving Beauty sent us information on their product line. Twenty-five percent of their proceeds goes back to the women in Morocco who harvest the nuts by hand. Their tagline is “Women helping women through shared beauty rituals.”

Coconut oil, besides being all natural, it has many reputed health benefits, including thyroid health, raising your body’s metabolism and fighting off pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. While we’ve linked to Dr. Mercola’s site to purchase it (scroll all the way down) – you can buy it off the shelf at most grocery stores. Just look for pure 100 percent, coconut oil.

We also love Marie Veronique’s entire line of natural and organic moisturizers as do the researchers at the Environmental Working Group, EWG!

Parting words … is don’t panic – these studies were done on thin-skinned, pre-treated (for UVB exposure) mice, not humans. We simply want to give you a few fabulous daily alternatives.


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