Shelter for your Wheels

Riding your bike to school or work is great for reducing your carbon footprint and losing weight — in fact, the avera0 pound woman biking 30 minutes to work and back can burn about 350 calories a day! But what happens to your bike when the weather isn’t so great?  No one wants to end a long day by sitting on a soaking-wet bicycle seat or get burned by a sun-baked seat.

Bikes need shelter.  Plus, if you’re trying to be green by riding your bike, doesn’t it make you feel good to know

that even bike shelters are made in a sustainable manner?

Enter Duo-Gard, a Michigan-based innovator of high-performance daylight systems and custom outdoor structures, brings art, function, science and sustainability together in its unique line of bike shelters.

According to the Green Schoolhouse Series, Duo-Gard’s team – from the engineers to the installers themselves – are experts in an advanced, patented polycarbonate system designed to save energy without sacrificing natural light by overglazing existing glass.

They’ve even developed solar-powered charging stations for cars, bikes, scooters, carts and motorcycles.  The photovoltaic canopy charging stations are net-zero energy structures and can help achieve LEED® certification.


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