Tips on Tipping

Photo: Tim Porter

We’ve got travel on our minds – and we hope you do too. One aspect of staying at hotels that has always confused me is tipping. One dollar doesn’t seem to be enough -but after a day of handing out fives, cha-ching there goes my dinner budget. To get some answers for people in the industry we wrote an article together; The Tipping Point, a guide to how much and who to tip. While it runs the gamut of newspaper delivery to take out (Sammy Hagar usually tips few bucks when he grabs lunch to go) the most useful and surprising info came from Jon Kimball, GM, Westin ST. Francis in San Francisco and confirmed my fear that I am a chronic over tipper.

Tipping standards

Bellhop: $1 to $2.50 per bag based on how outgoing bellmen may be in showing guests around the hotel and guest room.
Maid service: $1 to $2 per night
Valet: $2 to $5, depending on how quickly the car is retrieved and how service-focused the valet is (just tip on the pickup).
Concierge service: For truly exceptional assistance $5 to $20 per request or after the entire stay.
Doorman to hail a taxi: $1
If you need something like a toothbrush or sewing kit and a hotel worker brings it up are you supposed to tip? It is not necessary but always appreciated, $2 per delivery.
If there is something missing from the room such as hair dryer or towels and a hotel worker brings it to you do you still tip? No, I don’t believe this is necessary.

Get change for those fives ladies and happy travels!


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