Cocktail Chatter: Nimrod … What Happened?

Since your weekend is surely planned with social activities -or even if you are embarking on a solo mountain climbing adventure – we wanted to arm you with a sad yet true story on the destiny of a once noble name gone awry.  Whether you use this information as a conversation starter at that cocktail party, or simply ponder the evolution of language on a summit, we hope you learn from the story of Nimrod.

Our quest started when a friend pointed out that Nimrod was the name of Ernest Shackelton’s doomed ship on his south pole expedition. Before turning into toothpicks on ice, the name Nimrod first appeared in the bible as the founder of Babylon and “mighty one on the earth.”  Then according to urban dictionary, when Bugs Bunny called Elmer Fudd a “poor little Nimrod” a reference intended for an audience who knew their cultural references, but didn’t. A “nimrod” was henceforth considered hapless and hopeless.


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