Cocktail Chatter: How Tall Humans Get?

Supermodels tend to hover between 5’9 and 5’11 — but will there be a day when even that Amazonian height is considered short?

“Height is a very genetically complex trait and is highly influenced by the environment,” Dr. DeSalle said. “So given the ‘average’ genetic composition of a population for height and computing, where the outliers lie is a matter of knowing the genetics better. If we knew the genetics better, then we could perhaps compute the upper — and lower — limit.”

Dr. DeSalle told the New York Times that we shouldn’t expect any height changes in at least the next two generations–and advanced height isn’t something we should want. “Many joint disorders and bone problems exist for these individuals that impact average-height people much less. Engineering problems with respect to organisms and their evolution do not get solved easily.”


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