The Science of Detox

Toxins schmoxins… right?  Actually there wouldn’t be a multi-billion detox industry if there wasn’t compelling research to prove that toxins are destructive to our bodies and they can be eliminated. We traced the roots of this science to a study done in 1912, proving that our cells are affected by the environment.

Dr. Alexis Carrell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1912 for his pioneering work in France on organ and tissue transplants.  To prove that animal cells can live in a seawater medium, he placed chicken embryo cells in a special flask engineered with the help of Charles Lindburg.  The seawater bath used was isotonic meaning that it was a saline solution.  The cells thrived for 5 weeks before eventually expiring.

Carrell was curious to learn what actually caused the cells to perish.  He discovered that due to the buildup of toxins in the form of metabolic wastes, the pH of the water acidified that deteriorated their environment.  It could be argued that this is an example of an ecological disaster like Lake Erie.  So he repeated the experiment; and this time, he drained the toxic water and kept a fresh supply of seawater flowing in daily.  Rather than perishing in 5 weeks, he kept these cells alive for 22 years!  This lead to his famous quote:  “The cell is immortal; it is merely the fluid in which it bathes that deteriorates.

Now what? Consider adding a few minutes of detoxing, side-twisting yoga to your daily routine. There are dozens of great podcasts, and hundreds of videos. Click here for a 20 minute detox yoga podcast from Yoga Journal.



  1. Great post- extremely fascinating! Some of my favorite ways to detox: Shakeology, an hour of power yoga, long walks, deep tissue massages, and going completely veg for about a week.

  2. Looking for scientific evidence says:

    I am new to yoga and am enjoying it quite a bit but am still curious about the whole concept of toxin elimination. I can appreciate how yoga stretches and twists would cause toxins to be loosened up from where they may have been stagnant, but is there any actual science to prove that the body then eliminates them? Or, do they instead just settle somewhere else?

    • great question curious one! According to what we’ve heard and read .. the goal is to flush them out of your system –hence the “drink lots of water” after yoga and/or massage. You’ve inspired us to write another post soon on this process.. stay tuned! Cheers


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