Word! We Give You the “Gift” of Beauty

The science of difraction poetry in the grass by John W. Hall

We want to share this moment of time captured in this photo of a blade of grass taken on Mount Tam in Marin County, CA.  After a couple minutes of contemplation … we hope you feel joy and peace in the appreciation of this splendid demonstration of beauty. For the complete slide show click here.

OK – and one quick grammar lesson for your next ‘gifting’ occasion. After listening to yet another witty podcast by one of our fav. wordsmiths, Grammar Girl on the use of the word ‘gift’ as a verb. As in “I’m going to gift you a diamond ring” or “He is going to gift one million dollars to a charity.” Here’s the skinny. the proper word to use is give.  As in give me a break and stop using the word gift as a verb 😉

We are so grateful for all of your follows, notes, tweets, retweets and attention. We wish you a very happy holiday – and look forward to reconnecting in 2012.


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