Keep recycling those bras!

Great News from the Bra Recyclers – we’re not sure who Cathy is – nonetheless our post on Bra Recycling we did in 2011 was one of our most popular ever, so we wanted to share a great letter they just sent us!

Dear Cathy,

Happy New Year!!
2011 was such a great year for The Bra Recyclers because of your support. We were so excited to end the year with 54 organizations that we provide bras to. This exceeded our goal of 35. We know exceeding our goals would not be possible without the encouragement and support of our recyclers and ambassadors around the world. Take a look at our highlights for the 4th Quarter of 2011 by clicking on the link, 4th Qtr Highlights. Be sure to send us your photos for upcoming videos.

We are planning on 2012 to be just as exciting as 2011! As the word continues to spread about bra recycling we will continue to reach out into communities to ensure that women and girls who are in transition get the needed ‘support’ on their journey back to self-sufficiency. We want to say thank you in advance for your continued support during 2012.

Upcoming Events:
Make sure to check out our website calendar and facebook for upcoming events. We will continue to post bra drives that take place around the country sponsored by our Ambassadors.

March 1-18 – The Bra Recyclers will kick off their first nationwide bra drive of 2012 and we want you to GET FITTED! With Spring fast approaching, we encourage you to clean out your drawers and recycle your bras and ‘GET FITTED!’ for the correct-sized bra. We hope you will visit your local lingerie boutique or favorite retail store and be professionally fitted for a bra. We look hearing some great stories about your ‘Get Fitted!’ experiences.

Stay tuned via Facebook ( for more details in February!

The Impact of Bra Recycling
We are so grateful for all of the recyclers that continue to support our mission of providing a simple lingerie staple to women and girls around the world. Every quarter we want to share stories of the impact that the bra recycling has in our communities.

‘Because of the volatile nature of domestic violence, packing is often not an option for the women. We don’t typically receive donated bras and since they tend to be expensive to purchase, women often make due with the one or two they brought. Receiving donated/recycled bras (in the correct sizes!) is a wonderful resource for our residents. Because the families receive clothing and personal care basics, free of charge, they are then able to focus their time and money on priorities like safe housing, transportation, education, healthcare and childcare.’ Women’s Advocates, St. Paul, MN

Help Us Spread The Word!
Ever want an easy way to tell someone about The Bra Recyclers? We are excited to provide the Bra Recycler ‘Support Cards.’ Print out the attached card, cut them apart and give them out to retailers and lingerie boutiques, women’s healthcare providers and friends and family. This is the easiest way for your to be a part of The Bra Recyclers outreach team!

Help us spread the word and make 2012 even more successful than 2011!

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