We’re Back!

MISS us? We missed you, but while we were ‘offline’ we’ve been busy; updating our look—do you like it— reorganizing our content, adding new post categories (and sub categories) and making lots of plans to continue offering relevant, expert-tested content.

Not to bore you with details (insert yawn) but our editorial calendar goes a little something like this: we will be starting off your week with posts that are fun and inspirational like a new uplifting study on happiness, or positive news on the economy. Midweek will be topics to ‘chew on’ (literally). We will be including more DIY recipes, and fun facts on nutrition and health. In our new sections, EZ-DiY, Gorgeous and Nourish you’ll find tidbits such as tested product reviews, and more researched studies that we promise will make your life more simple and fabulous.

Photo from Nationalgeographic.com

As usual we want to tie in a fun fact to MISS being back. Apparently we are not the only beautiful thing that is making a comeback… Check out this recent article from National Geographic about the oldest plant to ever to be regenerated—grown from 32,000-year-old seeds—beating the previous record holder by some 30,000 years.

Thanks for reading and please let us know what you like/ don’t like about our new website.

From the Misses,

Mimi and Somer

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