Delegate! It Will Make You Happy ;)

Happy Monday – First we’d like to you have you start off with smile …(hint, click the word smile). Why? well, there are are proven healthy benefits for those who can start the day with a giggle.

To continue the good feeling – we wanted to share a study Real Simple Magazine did on women and work life balance.  Editor Kristin van Ogtrop wrote about it in her blog last month. Basically, the magazine commissioned a national study with the nonprofit Families and Work Institute, and surveyed 3,230 women ages 25 to 54 nationwide to better understand the relationship women have with time.

The result:  55 percent of the women were happier when they delegated tasks (like cleaning, pet or kid duties) to their spouses or partners.



  1. Melanie Towle says:

    I am definitely laughing! Afterall, we are much happier when we aren’t doing the dirty work!! Then who polls the hub & kids? This weekend mine informed me that they have to do all the housework & yardwork! Hmmmm, sucks to be them!

  2. Let hour25 Concierge do all those tasks…quickly! So simple to find someone trusting and professional to take care of that never ending to-do list! (

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