A Detergent So Natural The CEO Drinks It

A detergent so natural the company CEO drinks it? Yep, we’re intrigued. Vaska, an all natural botanically based laundry care line, was put to the test when CEO Eric Boyce took a shot of detergent to prove its safety (don’t worry we placed the video below). Although the company does not recommend drinking the detergent—and we don’t either—it’s definitely one way to prove your product really is all-natural.

Product Name: Vaska
Likes: At less than .34 cents a load – there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be using an all natural detergent that’s good for the planet, too.
Gripes: The product isn’t widely available (yet) but plan in advance to purchase via drugstore.com and other online retailers to ensure you’ll always have an ample stash.
Star Ingredient: A patented ingredient called Herbatergent, the hypoallergenic formula uses natural herbal cleaning agents to wash your clothes effectively while not harming the planet or your skin.
Natural Factor: Available in Lavender or Scent Free, formula is free of perfumes, dyes, optical brighteners.
Where to Buy: All Vaska products are available in Duane Reade in New York City, VaskaHome.com, Soap.com, Amazon.com, Drugstore.com, and Alice.com
And the video we promised…


  1. The first rule, as any kid who has ever had their mouth washed out with soap can tell you, is…”it’s SOAP! You don’t SWALLOW it, you spit it out!

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