DIY Vertical Indoor Garden

Photo courtesy of Modish Blog.

Those old soda crates (think flea market, garage sale, attic, grandma’s house finds) are the perfect vessel for your next DIY project. Grow a vertical wall garden in your home (full of succulents that won’t require a lot of follow-up attention). The instructions and supplies needed are super easy:


wooden soda crate, polyurethane coating (get this at a hardware store) about two dozen small succulents, succulent soil mix, green moss, chicken wire, some hardware to hang the thing, staple gun, scissors, wire cutters (for the chicken wire).

About three days before your DIY project you’ll need to polyurethane coat the interior of the box. Add the picture hanging hardware to the back of the box. Put soil in each little box of the soda crate. Add the chicken wire over the soil and staple gun in place. Add your succulents (put the small roots through the holes of the wire into the soil). Fill in the bare spots with moss into the netting (this will hold the succulents in place until their roots are sturdy enough). Leave the crate off the wall for a few days so the plants have some time to settle in the holes. Then go ahead and hang!


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