Happy Easter! Bunny or Hare is there a difference?

Happy Easter weekend ladies!  We had to share these adorable photos and a bit of bunny trivia … unfortunately we don’t know who to credit -because these photos are floating around the internet.

thanks purpletrail.com for this mini history lesson.

In earlier times the Easter bunny was associated with hares and not rabbits. Later on, Easter rabbits exchanged places with hares, as rabbits are said to be a symbol of fruitfulness and fertility. This interchange happened because rabbits reproduce very quickly. Moreover, rabbits are similar to hares and are very common everywhere. Christians changed the symbol to the Easter Bunny.

But wait, what’s the difference between a rabbit and a hare? Alot, according to orcca.on.ca they are two completely different species.

Have fun playing ‘spot the bunny’


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