Get Crafty: DIY Terrarium


Photo by Madey Edlin

In a recent bout of spring cleaning we came across a rogue cognac glass — one of those garage sale purchases that at the time seemed like the best $2 you could have ever spent — but seeing as Courvoisier isn’t in our repertoire we saw it more fitting to upcycle the glass and get crafty with a new project. Lucky for us, one of our favorite DIY blogs Madey Edlin just released a spring-worthy terrarium — that is housed in a very cognac-esque glass vessel. The instructions are super easy and you won’t need many supplies, two key MISS Crafty requirements!

1. Start with about 3/4 inch sand.

2. Add just enough water to make the sand moist. 

3. Pat down the sand level.

4. Add a layer of rocks. (she used shiny rocks collected at the beach).

5. Then a layer of dirt.

6. Plant small cute little plants. She likes succulents.

7. Enjoy!

For step-by-step pictures (very Pinterest-worthy!) check out her blog!


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