Rainy Spring Recipe: Chocolate Matcha Coconut Tea

Image by sdshaffer via flickr.

We’re close to the summer solstice (June 20, 2012) but in typical spring fashion it’s raining here in California! What better way to get cozy than with our “enhanced” version of the traditional hot chocolate? Read on for the easy recipe — and we couldn’t resist a little trivia: The first chocolate beverage is believed to have been created by the Mayans around 2000 years ago!


4 Cups Water

1 Tsp. Ground Matcha Tea

2 spoonfuls of Palm Sugar

2/3 cup Light Coconut Milk

3 spoonfuls of grated Dark Chocolate (from a bar)

1. Heat first four ingredients over stop-top (do NOT bring to a boil) and constantly stir.

2. Melt grated chocolate in microwave (only heat every 10 seconds and take out to stir, until perfectly smooth).

3. Add melted chocolate to stove top mixture.

4. Make sure the mix is cool enough to drink and pour into mug.

5. For Adults Wanting to Imbibe – add a bit of the optional ingredient: Tuaca Liquer



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