DIY Party Favors on the Cheap!

Neil Conway via Flickr

Looking for a better hostess gift or want to leave your dinner party guests with memories of the evening? Read on for four easy DIY treats that won’t break the budget.

Caramel Apples

Recall your childhood with homemade caramel apple favors. The apples can be customized with a sprinkling of chopped nuts, candy sprinkles or a dash of sea salt. Cost: About $1 per caramel apple.

Hot Cocoa

Keep them warm with a  cocoa and marshmallow favor. Inexpensive mugs can be purchased at most bulk stores or you can use a Majon Jar if the gift is traveling a long distance. Add an individual hot cocoa packet, homemade marshmallows and wrap in a muslin bag. Read our recent hot cocoa recipe here! Cost: About $3.50 per favor.


Lori Salteri via flickr.

Spring events bring the season’s best blooms. Let your guests take home flower seed packets to remember your event all season long. Choose seeds from your favorite flower and place in a homemade envelope with a note or poem plus instructions inside each packet. Cost: About $1.

kthread via flickr.



The summer brings back memories of languid days spent outdoors; keep your guests buzzing—send them home with a personalized jar of honey. Buy the honey in bulk and carefully pour into small jars, which can be purchased at container or craft stores. Embellish the jars with a ribbon and a homemade name-tag for each guest. About $4.

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