Travel Yoga … as in Sanity for Road (and Airplane) Trips!

Heading out of town this weekend? We’ve got the solution to road trip / plane ride blahs! Road Trip Yoga, which was just published in Marin Magazine’s June issue is a collection for great chair poses by Stacie Dooreck of SunLight Yoga in Larkspur, California from her book, SunLight Chair Yoga. These simple moves can help prevent stiffness and increase blood flow (keep your mind and body happy!) without leaving your seat.

Centering Sit in a comfortable position with the spine tall yet relaxed. Take a few deep, sighing breaths. Inhale and exhale for three counts each, five times.

Wrist and Ankle Rotations Rotate the wrists, then the ankles — five times each.

 Neck Rolls Slowly make a circle with your nose five times in each direction, clockwise and counterclockwise. Inhale when facing upward and exhale when looking down. Keep shoulders relaxed.

 Alternate Leg Lifts Inhale as you raise your lower leg from a bent knee, and exhale as you bring it back down. Switch sides. Repeat up to five times.

Alternate Arm Lifts Inhale as you lift your right arm. Exhale as you lower the arm. Switch sides. Repeat five times each.

Combine Arm and Leg Lifts Inhale as you lift the right arm and left leg together. Exhale as you lower them. Switch. Make diagonal movements. Keep the spine tall.

Mountain Pose Sit tall in a chair. Lift from the base of your spine through the crown of your head. Feel the strength of the back muscles and the sides of your body lifting. Keep feet on the floor.

Side Stretch (Crescent Moon) Inhale, sitting tall, as you lengthen the spine skyward. Exhale, facing forward, as you lean gently to the right, placing your right hand by your right hip or letting it hang beside the chair, and raising your left hand to extend it over the left ear. Switch sides. Repeat three times on each side.

 Cat to Cobra Pose/Spinal Flex Inhale to Cobra — lift your chest and heart as your hands slide to your hips along the thighs. Bring the elbows toward each other. Exhale to Cat  — move your belly toward your spine as you round your back with arms stretched straight and hands on knees. Repeat up to 10 times.

 Spinal Twist Place feet on the floor, hip-width apart. Inhale as you sit tall. Lengthen the spine skyward. Exhale and twist gently to the right, placing your right hand behind you or on the side of the chair and your left hand on or near the right knee. Switch sides. Only twist as far as is comfortable, with no strain. You can repeat this posture once on each side.

Final Relaxation Rest your back against the chair with your legs one to two feet apart. Allow the legs to roll outward. Relax your arms with palms facing the sky, resting on your thighs. Observe the breath and body; relax for five to 10 minutes. Quiet the spirit and calm the mind. Slowly move your hands and feet to come out of the position and sit tall.

Did we miss one of your favorite chair poses? Let us know!

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