Buy Sunglasses and Help Those in Need

Worldwide nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to eye care or corrective lenses but thanks to a group of recent college grads buying new sunglasses can help!

SOLO Eyewear was founded to spread good vision around the world. For every pair of sunglasses sold SOLO donates a pair of prescription sunglasses or funds surgeries for those in need.

The idea is called one-for-one and the SOLO model isn’t alone, the popular shoe company Tom’s also employs a similar model of giving back and has supplied more than 1 million shoes to kids in need. The process is a win-win for consumers who get to buy a product and support a good cause.

“So many people do not have access to eye care, do not have prescription eye glasses,” says co-founder Jenny Amaraneni, “and how do you go to school if you can’t see? How do you provide for your family if you are unable to see?”

Since founding the company in 2011 the SOLO team has restored vision for nearly 1,000 people.

SOLO Eyewear


SOLO Eyewear

To learn more about SOLO, connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.



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