Coffee Can Protect Against What?!

Finally, a study to back-up our morning coffee habit. Just two cups of pick-me-up Joe a day (decaf wasn’t looked at in this study) can help protect against heart failure and benefit your blood pressure. Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston analyzed data from five separate studies featuring 140,220 participants.

The results: Like any good vice the key is moderation– of the study participants, those who drank about two cups of coffee had an 11 percent lower risk of heart failure during the study period, compared with those who didn’t drink coffee. Two cups was key — because those drinking less coffee showed only a 4 percent reduction in risk. But before you fill up your 32-ounce slurpee cup with the good stuff, note that the study did actually see an increased risk once participants drank five or more cups.

The cocktail-chatter-worthy part of this study? Current guidelines suggest that coffee is harmful to the heart. After this study, those guidelines may need revisiting. Study authors say: “While there is a commonly held belief that regular coffee consumption may be dangerous to heart health, our research suggests that the opposite may be true.”


Photo Courtesy of Seven Morris via Flickr.





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