5 Minute 4th of July DIY Recipes

We all have that one friend—the one that makes Martha Stewart look like an assistant Room Mom. The one that can whip together a Michelin-worthy dinner party using just ingredients in her pantry, hand letter-pressed her wedding invitations and can give herself the perfect manicure (on both hands!). Well, get your Instagram app ready because we’ve scoured the depths of Pinterest to find you five, five-minute recipes that will look like they took days to make.


1. Strawberries: white chocolate (get the easy-to-melt chips from the grocery store in the produce section), and blue sprinkles.

2. Ice Cream Sandwich: Buy the ready made sandwiches in the freezer aisle, add popsicle stick and sprinkles.

3. Cupcake: boxed recipe (no one will know!), red licorice laces, blue frosting piped from a plastic sandwich baggie, white frosting tub.

4. Independence Punch: Fill drink container with ice, pour in one-third cranberry juice, pour one-third of Blue Gatorade Frost (yes you’ll even hydrate with this recipe!) – make sure to pour the Frost onto one of the ice cubes, if you pour directly onto the liquid it will mix, not layer, pour one-third Sprite (also pour onto an ice-cube).

5. Spirit Sticks: Strawberries, blueberries, marshmallows — you get the point.


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