Product Fave: Solar Powered Iphone Recharger and Case

Don’t want to miss this shot! Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Heading into nature (as in no plugs) soon? Because we hate losing power right before we’re about to tweet a brilliant thought, take a photo or place an emergency call … we checked out the Mobius Rechargeable Battery Case with Solar Panel. While it’s not very practical for every day use because it can take hours to charge and it’s a bit bulky – if you are away from plugs and you need a charge – it’s a lifesaver! Retail value, $80.

Product Name: Mobius Solar Cell Phone Charger Case

Likes: LOVE that we can power up anytime (if the sun is not out, they included a wall charger). It looks slick, and is easy to use, right out of the box.

According to Digital Trends  At full charge, the Mobius effectively doubles your battery life with an additional five hours of talk time, or eight hours of 3G or video playback. For those who might not have time to for a longer charging session, one hour in the sun will net you 25 minutes of talk time. The battery back/iPhone protector case can also be detached and charged separately.

Gripes: Wish it came in different colors, black is so…. yawn. There seems to be a white option available too-but we couldn’t track it down. Also wish there was a screen protector to guard against sticky fingers on the screen etc. etc. Because of the solar charger it is a little thicker than regular phone cases.

Where to Buy: Online or retail stores like Best Buy.

Best Buy has written a round up of the best solar charger brands, we’d love to hear about your favorites too!

Disclosure: While we get approximately 50 percent of products sent to us as samples we only write about the ones we like 100 percent of the time.


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