The Cost of Looking Like Jen: The $141,037 Beauty Regimen

When Yahoo Shine reported that 40-something beauty Jennifer Aniston spends $141,037 on beauty upkeep ($450 facials and $600 hair cuts add up) we couldn’t help but start analyzing how much regular gals like us are spending each year in “maintenance” — are you spending more or less than the average woman? We checked out prices at typical San Francisco salons and beauty stops to get an annual budget for the non-celeb type.


One Facial Per Month @$150 = $1,800 per year

New At-Home Facial Products Each Month (cleanser, moisturizer) @$55 = $660 per year

Quarterly Chemical Peel @$125 = $500 per year

Hair Care:

Color Every Two Months – Full Highlights @$165 = $990 per year

Cut Every Three Months @$90 = $360 per year

Hair Care Products Every Two Months @$46 = $276 per year


New Products Every Three Months (mascara, 1 eye shadow, face powder, 1 lipstick) @$72 = $288 per year

Waxing Every Month @$60 = $720 per year

Manicure/Pedicure Two Times Per Month @$50 = $600 per year

Monthly Gym Fee @$138 = $1,656 per year

Saturday Yoga Class Each Week @$14 = $728 per year

That’s a grand total of $6,958 per year and we aren’t even adding in tips on all these services and the rogue spray tan you’ll get for the Vegas Bachelorette or the round of Botox you were talked into! The point of all this math isn’t to make you feel bad about looking good but that almost $7,000 price tag should be added in to your regular budgeting—at about $583 per month you’ll need to set aside! Have any tips for cutting costs? Leave them in the comment section below!


Photo Credit: Via Flickr by ✪nebcat✪


  1. In the run up to my wedding I’ve spent at least £600 on products alone, never mind the treatments I’m booked in for the week before 😦 Makes me feel pretty guilty- 2 months of that would pay for my honeymoon, eek.

  2. We hear ya! A future post will definitely focus on the cost of getting married — which in some cases could come close to Jen’s yearly beauty regimen!

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