DIY Paint Dipped Heels

Have you seen those too-cute Kate Spade toe-color-dipped-flats? Check them out here.  At $300, it may be hard to justify a pair in each color, but don’t worry, thanks to the folks at Green Wedding Shoes we’ve got you covered with a super-easy DIY project to create your own!

What you need:

1. Patent Pumps or Flats.

2. Spray paint in the color of your choice.

3. Painters Tape.

4. Some old towels to protect your shoes.

What to do:

1. Tape the shoes everywhere you don’t want paint to be.

2. Cover the shoes with the old towel, except for the area you are spraying. This will ensure spray paint doesn’t get in your shoes!

3. Spray the shoes. Add a clear sealer if you’d like (try this one).

4. Let dry.

5. Wear!

For step-by-step pics check out the Green Wedding Shoes Blog.



  1. Julie Fritz says:

    I love these shoes! I turned a hum-drum pair of neutral patent pumps into “Where Did You Get Those” shoes! I chose neon orange toe tips, and I certainly make a statement! My inner craft goddess swoons with pride when someone comments on how fantastic they are!

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