One Simple Choice to Burn 7,800 Calories

Be honest. How often do you find yourself waiting for the office elevator to go down/up three, two or even one stories? What if we told you that making a dedication to taking the stairs could help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health?

Each minute you take the stairs at a moderate intensity (no texting and stair walking please) you’ll burn about 5 calories if you’re 120-pounds and about 7 calories if you’re 150-pounds, Dr. Cedric Bryant, chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise, told the New York Times.

And small calories add up quick! Think about it — how many times do you leave or enter your office building each day? At six times and one-minute per exit/enter that’s about 30 calories a day (for a 120-pound person) or 150-calories each five day-work week and 7,800 calories a year, just for skipping the elevator! If you really want to earn a gold star, remember that running stairs multiplies the caloric burn and the cardiovascular benefit.

Do note that for those with knee problems going downstairs may be difficult: “The impact on knees and feet is relatively low, with the pressure equivalent to two times one’s body weight walking up stairs (compared with three to four times when running), Dr. Bryant told the New York Times. The pounding on the body going downstairs, however, equals six or seven times one’s body weight.” In that case, we’ll let you take the elevator down and the stairs up!

Photo: StephenCarlile



  1. New easy goal: take the stairs at work each day!


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