Silver: Non Toxic Cleaning

Wow – our Olympic athletes are fighting hard for their silver. Thirty two so far! Here’s a little something for them in a few months when those bright and shiny metals start to … you know, tarnish.

First off all -here’s a tip from Wiki How on keeping your silver jewelry bright and shiny between cleanings – tin foil! Wrap medal (or bracelet) in aluminum foil and put in a sealed container.

Our inspiration for writing this post (besides the amazing abilities of the silver medalists!) is the ‘toothpaste’ method whenever we need to polish up silverware or platters. Forget about that crazy toxic “Silver Cleaner” just use toothpaste. We use Tom’s .. but any brand works just fine. Don’t scrub too hard, remember silver is soft and anytime you clean it – do it gently.

Check out eHow’s (of which, Mimi was a founding editor) post on cleaning silver with toothpaste.


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