EZ DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner!

We are happy to have guest blogger -the FABULOUS Vanessa Roberts of Topbeautybrands.com  help us and you with a simple solution for cleaning makeup brushes. You are cleaning your makeup brushes… right?


If I am anything, it’s a DIY’in diva! I love it, can’t get enough of it, and find joy in discovering new ways to ease any dependence on chemical-laden store bought products.

Recently I’ve been testing out a new way of cleaning my makeup brushes because girlfriend, they needed it!

Now not only is this trick oh-so-simple but it’s a cheap alternative to buying makeup remover, and should help to calm down any annoying acne. After all, it’s the bacteria that lives in makeup brushes that can get caught in our pores, ultimately causing unwanted breakouts.

So how does one go about cleaning their brushes naturally? Well, keep on reading beauty queens for a quick and easy way to clean your makeup brushes naturally!

The Recipe

Sometimes, when going to clean your makeup brushes, you may run into a few people who will say that makeup remover is all that is needed to properly clean said brushes, but in fact those chemicals can do more harm than good.

And on top of that, they cost more!

So to prolong the life of your brushes, and save some of that hard-earned cash money simply grab some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, liquid Castile soap, and some White Vinegar.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? Now it’s time to mix it all up.

 The Process: Step 1

Begin by grabbing a clean washcloth and pouring about a teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto the cloth. Then dip the tip of the brush into the oil, and rub it onto the cloth.

Now it’s important to only dip the tip of the brushes into the oil to avoid the roots getting wet and possibly coming loose.

As you start to rub the brush onto the cloth you should notice a wholllllle lotta makeup coming out of the brush, so much in fact you may assume it’s clean. It’s not.

This step is essentially just a conditioning stage, used to help protect and pre-clean the fibers of the bristles.

 Step 2

Once the bristles of each brush have been conditioned, move on to mixing up the cleaning solution.

For this, simply mix a teaspoon of the liquid Castile soap with enough warm water that the bottom of the bowl is covered.

Then just dip the tips of the brushes in the soapy water, leaving them submerged, and gently rub the bristles in the water between your fingers, giving them a gentle scrub.

Again, make sure the roots of the brushes don’t get wet.

Once the brushes have been sanitized and all the residual makeup has been removed, squeeze any remaining water out of the bristles.

Step 3

Now that the brushes have been pre-conditioned and scrubbed, you are pretty much done. However, there is one final step. It’s optional but I like it because it ensures all the oil and soap have been washed away, so I suggest trying it out.

Once you have squeezed out all the water, dip the tips of the brushes into a small bowl of vinegar, gently wring out the vinegar and rinse with warm water.

Then just simply lay them on a few sheets of clean paper towel in a sunny area of your house, and let them air dry.

Once fully dry, use as you normally would and rest assured that your brushes are finally free from any pore-clogging bacteria hiding in the bristles.

Et voila! A quick, easy, and natural way to clean your makeup brushes that only costs a few pennies per cleaning. Which is great because now you will have more money to buy even more beauty products!


Vanessa is a beauty blogging babe for TopBeautyBrands.com where she writes about all things beauty including how to fix a bad fake tan, DIY lip plumping and …wait for it – best breast enhancement creams. The best part about her job? She gets to help her readers look and feel their very best!

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