New Moon – Time to Manifest!

Been thinking it’s time to ___ or ____ .  Perhaps you want a little more ____ in your life.  We’re going to let you fill in the blanks.  Bonnie Bruederer, photographed here holding one of her vision boards, has made a business out of helping people visualize their future.

Bruderer earned her ‘life coaching’ stripes working for the king of motivational speaking, Tony Robbins for over a decade and was so inspired by the changes she saw in her clients, she decided to branch out and create her own vision board company.

Making a vision board is SIMPLE — Bruderer suggests creating a soul sentence and then dividing your board into four quadrants; health, relationships, finance/career and time management.

OK.. why are we even talking about vision boards? Tomorrow is the New Moon – hence there is no better time to ‘manifest your intentions.’

We have borrowed, this easy to follow list from Stanford graduate, and popular energy worker, Susan Bird,  who teaches her clients the power of thought, as in “Thought Creates”

Here’s a short cut to what she has her client’s fill out during new moon rituals.

List three goals you have already realized..and take some time to meditate on this.




Prioritize your life (as in health, family, money, relationships) and create a list of your top three priorities in these areas. Write it out as a goal. (example: “I want to run 15 miles”)




Come up with five affirmations to support these priorities.. (Examples: “I love running in the morning before work”






This is a very short version of what her workshops offer, but just writing these goals (intentions) down and concentrating on them throughout the next few days will make a difference in your life. If you are interested in learning more about this topic email us at and we can pass along Susan’s contact information as well as the long version of this manifestation intention.

Happy New Moon!


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