3 Natural Tips For Getting Rid of Bugs

With the great California weather, we’ve been spending lots of time in the garden — which also got us searching for a poison-free way to clear the area of unwanted pests. Think about it: what you’re spraying on your tomatoes will eventually end up in your body! We’ve listed some of our favorite all-natural remedies below, if we’re missing your favorite let us know!

1. Nature-Cide: a 100 percent all natural insect/rodent repellent made of enzymes that break down the protein in insects. The formula is made for specific pests but we liked the ant spray best.

2. Cinnamon: If you’ve got a huge ant problem after a rain storm, sprinkle a line of cinnamon where the ants are entering your home. The smell actually repels the ants, you’ll see them turn right around! Hint: although we haven’t tried it, bloggers say this also works with mint and chili powder.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar: Fruit flies are no match for a glass filled with about a half-inch of apple cider vinegar. Leave the glass out overnight and you’ll wake to a nasty little grave site of flies.

And remember – not all pests are bad pests. Below are Organic Gardening’s picks for the pests you should keep around if you want a healthy garden!

1. Aphid Midge

2. Braconid Wasps

3. Damsel Bugs

4. Ground Beetles

5. Lace Wings

*Yes, we get it – you aren’t an entomologist. Check out Organic Gardening’s site for pics of these good bugs.



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