Get Rid of Acne with a Virus?

Dealing with the annoyances of adult acne? A new study may provide relief. Apparently, a group of benign viruses that actually live right alongside the bacteria that causes zits actually has the power to stop pimples before they even start.

What usually causes acne is the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, which lives inside your pores. An increase in hormones increases that bacterium and boom—you’ve got acne. Because the problem is caused by a bacterium, treatments often use antibiotics but some strains have grown resistant.

Enter the virus.

In the new UCLA/University of Pittsburgh study, researchers found that the bacteriophages’ DNA lacked genetic diversity.

This is very important because it simplified the researchers’ task of figuring out how to kill the bacteria. The research authors concluded in their paper that purified endolysin applied directly to the skin might be our best shot at getting rid of acne once and for all. Now we wait for our derm’s office to start offering some endolysin treatments!


Photo courtesy of: Echo Valley Ranch


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