Halloween Costumes for 2012!

D Sharon Pruitt

Inspired by the recent Halloween research from the National Retail Foundation, we’re back with our annual Halloween nudge. According to the NRF, a record seven in 10 will be celebrating Halloween resulting in a total budge of $8 billion to be spent for this hallowed eve.

The average amount Americans will spend on decorations, costumes and candy for Halloween

Americans who will look to a retail store for costume ideas

Americans who will look for costume ideas via social media sites

Don’t have a costume -don’t fret – we’re here to help!

This year’s trendy picks:

Love it or hate it -Honey Boo Boo is HOT! While we’ve seen a few costumes online – you can basically squeeze yourself into a sequin dress, get dolled up and spill some mustard or jelly down the front (ketchup might look like blood). How about the totally inappropriate teddy bear “Ted” who enjoyed a moment in the spotlight this summer. If you’re heading to a dance party, add a little “Gangnam Style” fun via Korean rapper Psy (short for psycho). Or considering the elections are a few days away – be presidential, these candidate face masks are for sale all over the internet starting at $10.

Since we only have one female costume in this group here are a few pretty simple female inspired options via Pinterest

Still haven’t figured it out? Check out our Halloween costume posts from 2011 and 2010.

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