Hangover Remedy from Dr. Elson Haas EZ as A,B,C!

Background photo: D. Sharon Pruitt

We are big fans of Dr. Elson Haas of Preventative Medical Center of Marin, he is a pioneer in combining the best or western and eastern philosophies when it comes to healthcare with an emphasis on nutrition.  Hence when his latest book was published, The Detox Diet, we had to share a few items with you.

For not particular reason, we flipped right to “Hangover Remedies” 😉 Here’s the scoop.

1. If you’ve been drinking alcohol make sure you have a couple glasses of water before going to sleep along with vitamin C and a B-complex to clear the alcohol from the blood.

2. Repeat above  when you wake up.

3. Evening primrose oil and flaxseed oil can also be helpful.

So as a review ladies, when drinking (excessive) Alcohol, take (water) and vitamins B and C.


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