Office Party Hosting: Misa Makes it EZ!

It’s that time of year to start planning the ultimate office party. Regardless of your budget, Misa Phutangdee, founder of Miss Go To Girl, a concierge service for everything from party planning to personal assistance, offers these great tips to be sure make the office party you plan to be the new standard!

  1. Priorities Unless you have an endless budget, spend the money on location, food, food servers and clean up crew. You work too hard to be working at the party.
  2. Recruit and Delegate Sure, you are the event coordinator for your office party, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you do all the work, especially for small and medium size companies with a small to medium budgets. Send out an email to your colleagues and ask them if they would like to help out. Designate areas needed; food, bartending, clean up, planning. Not only will you be surprised at the potential connections (as in Lisa in accounting has a family bakery and would love to donate dessert) but it will make the entire office feel included.
  3. Paper Invitations Please don’t only send an invitation through email, evite or facebook! Since you work in an office, with access to a computer and a printer get creative and print out paper invitations in post them around the office.
  4. Personalize and Customize There are so many ways to customize your party. Have the company name printed on the napkins or create customized food and drink names that represent your office and some of your colleague’s quirks. For example if Joe always has a bottle of Tapatio at his desk for his lunch every day, create a food card that says, “Joe’s Tapatio Taco’s.”
  5.  Spice up the Food! Do your office a favor and don’t have plain ‘ole cheese and crackers – unless of course you are serving up a variety of artisan cheeses displayed with fancy (no trans fat) crackers and fresh, organic fruit. In other words, whatever you serve – make it special – as in the feature photo above. Pinterest has lots of creative food displays if you need inspiration 😉

Two EZ mistakes to avoid:

  1. Zip it! Do not brag about every detail that you have done, how hard you worked etc.  Let your work speak for yourself, accept the compliments, just don’t carry a memo board that says, write your compliments here.
  2. Don’t push it! Do not over exert yourself, your theme, your food, your décor, your party. What I’m really trying to say is don’t be all over the place in every way. Less is more
  3. Confirm prices/duties ahead of time. There is no bigger buzz kill then realizing the caterers are driving away before the room is cleaned. “Oh was that not in the contract!”


  1. She would be great for upcoming holiday parties! I need to keep MissGoToGirl in mind:)

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