Last Minute Halloween Costumes – No Purchase Necessary!

You officially have less than a week to come up with a Halloween costume that will both work for the office party and the late night wine-fueled shindig at your BF’s. Don’t worry we’ve turned to the DIY Gods AKA Pinterest to reveal our top three picks for last minute Halloween costumes that aren’t only free (or cheap) to make, but you can probably find the pieces in your closet!

1. Morton Salt Girl

What You’ll Need: An umbrella, can of Morton Salt (cut off the top, attach a long string and make it your cell phone holder!), yellow peacoat/dress/or rain coat, white pants.

2. UPS Worker

What You’ll Need: An old UPS box (or go to the UPS store and get one there), an all-brown ensemble, extra points for a brown hat and UPS sticker combo.

3. Mary Poppins

What You’ll Need: A black umbrella, long black skirt, white long sleeve shirt tucked-in, red belt (use a red ribbon), red bow-tie (red ribbon works again!), some sort of mini hand held suitcase or oversize hand held purse, extra points for white gloves.



  1. These costumes are so cute!


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