Do Something Good Friday: Surgeons Give Support

When is the last time you cleaned out your underwear drawer? Seriously, the last time you actually went through each and every bra and thong and granny panty and tossed those that looked like they had been through war or were in good shape but just the wrong size (expensive or not, if they don’t fit get rid of them!)

Now…what to do with those really nice bras that are barely worn but barely fit? We got an email from a program called Surgeons Give Support. Run by Breast Oasis and, the organization and participating surgeons collect bras, clean them and then give them to women’s shelters across America.

The program helps women who aren’t in a place to shell out their last few dollars on a bra and it keeps bras out of landfills.

Here’s a list of participating surgeons in the U.S. who accept donations and the program runs until Nov. 2, 2012 so get to it this weekend!

You can also mail your bras to:

About Plastic
Attn.: Alisa Vilabrea
345 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014


Photo by Tracy Hunter


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