Throw a Halloween Party Tonight: Misa Makes it EZ

Regardless of your budget, Misa Phutangdee, founder of Miss Go to Girl, a concierge service for everything from party planning to personal assistance, offers these great tips to throw a fab Halloween party on a moment’s notice.

1. Dress up and your guests will follow. You’ve got to look like you love Halloween but the costume doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming (check out our post Last Minute Halloween Costumes)!
2. Give an award. What about a Best Dressed Costume contest to give your guests some motivation for putting effort into their costume. There’s nothing like playing a completive game to motivate them to go all out for their costume.  Awards can be as simple as bragging rights to as involved as a legacy trophy — to encourage guests to attend next year’s bash!
3. What’s your spook factor? Uninvited zombies? Surprise vampire guests? Whatever you do, make it believable and make sure your “uninvited guest” AKA friend commits to his/her character!

4. Let them Eat! Search sites like Pinterest to get in touch with your creative self and don’t just think about candy and dessert. What about mummified hot dogs, Apple teeth, and my personal fave, Guacamole Vomit!

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