3 Ways to Wow Your Boss (And Get a Raise)

You’ve heard the usual ‘stand-out in the workplace tips’ — “Voice your opinion!” and “Never say no to an assignment!” but we’ll almost guarantee you aren’t doing these three shockingly simple actions to be the office superstar…

1. Don’t just forward a link. Admit it, you’re guilty of sending your boss an email that just says, “check this out!” followed by a long link. When forwarding a link, always include the actual usable idea. Summarize what the article or site is about in one or two lines and explain why you are sending it.

2. Save the drama for your mama. Seriously, if we have to see one more coworkers ‘woe is me’ — insert mini violin — Facebook post we’re just going to lose it. Don’t forget your coworkers (and perhaps boss) are Facebook friends with you – and can see everything you post (and at what during-the-workday-time). If you wouldn’t complain about “it” — whatever that may be — to their face, don’t complain about it on your social networking site.

3. Watch the clock. Here’s a tip — bosses notice when you get to work, how long of a lunch you took and when you leave. You don’t have to be chained to your desk all day but do keep in check with company culture, if the majority of employees leave at 6, don’t be the gal who packs up at 5. If you’re coming in earlier than the majority of your coworkers make sure your boss knows. Be upfront about your work schedule and she’ll appreciate it. Send her an email letting her know you work better early in the morning and ask if she would mind if you left at X time but came in at X time. You’d be surprised at how flexible bosses can be (we hope).

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