Conquer the Holidays: Advice From a Personal Assistant

Guest Contributor Misa Phutangdee, founder of Miss Go to Girl, a concierge service for everything from party planning to personal assistance, offers these great tips to conquer the holidays—this week!

Week of November 26th

Now that we all had a successful Thanksgiving, its time to look ahead to even more holiday time.  You may be feeling pretty confident if you got most of your shopping done on Black Friday, but there is still plenty to do to prepare for Christmas, Hanukah or whichever holiday you celebrate.

1. Make Appointments. This week is the perfect time to book your appointments now. We do this every year ladies, we wait until the last week to call our hairstylist, manicurist, esthetician, our dermatologist—you fill in the blank. Haven’t we learned yet that we are not their only clients?  Give them a call this week, book your appointments, write them in your calendar and commit to it. Set the appointments for the week of December 17th so your new color and cut, mani and pedi and possibly new face are fresh and primped for the week when your family and friends are in town.

2. Hire Babysitters. While penciling in your appointments in your calendar, this is also the time to take a look at upcoming holiday parties you have that are for adults only.  Is the cost of babysitters driving you bananas?  Be resourceful, schedule sleep over’s if it’s going to be a real late night.

3. Organize Photos. Do you ever wonder what people hire a Personal Assistant for? I can tell you, organizing photo albums is on the to-do list for most of my clients. Which leads me to the next item on your to do list; Create your end of the year album. Set aside 3 hours for every member of your family to come together select their favorite photos and go the old fashioned route of sticking them in an album or go online to Shutterfly or Costco to create a memory book where there’s plenty of room for color and creativity. If your children are school age or older, chances are they are computer savvy and they can even take on this project.

4. Online Shopping. Chances are, you were not able to purchase every single item on your gift list last Friday—so take advantage of today’s cyber Monday deals, where sites like Kate Spade are offering 70% discounts! Do you enjoy being pushed and shoved and spending countless minutes searching for parking only to find out that the exact item your niece wants is also the same item every girl in the world wants? Shop from the comfy confines of your couch (laptop in hand). Many online stores also offer gift-wrapping and the vendor can ship the item directly to the recipient. Wrapping gifts and standing in line at the post office is now one more thing to cross off your list!

5. Buy Stamps. Are you in need of extra stamps for those holiday cards? This year, you can be creative and get your face on your stamp!  You can also do this online and it’s a really simple process. Just go to, upload your picture, customize your stamp if you wish, then check out and have them delivered to your door step!


Photo via Flickr: by MJ/TR (´・ω・)


  1. Julie Fritz says:

    I love this post!
    I’m making stamps tomorrow! Now on my list.

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